Low cost Business Ideas

Some  Businesses You Can Start for Under 100$ to $500


A lots of people Want To start their own Business But Due to budget Problem they cant fulfill their Dreams Here I’m sharing some low cost Business ideas that can make you a self owns Business owner or can give you a huge income opportunity also.

1.) Write a Book

Every person out there has experience and unique information about topics that other people would want to know. Take a little time and great thought in writing a manual/ book. You can print the book or offer it on the internet (E-Book). Target your market according to the topic of your book and sell it. The beauty of this business is that it opens the door to public speaking and media interviews as an additional revenue stream. Also, once the book is written you can just sit back and sell it. There is little overhead and high profit.

2.) Get  a Real Estate License.  

The average real estate professional after 2 years in the business earns over $100,000. Since a Real Estate Agent is an Independent Contractor, all the tax write offs discussed earlier apply. You do not have to have any great sales ability to sell Real Estate. Most of the time homes sell themselves. With your new knowledge you can invest, buy and sell or rent real estate on your own and easily build hundreds of thousands of dollars of net worth every year. Most licenses are under $500 and vary per state. Courses last about 8 –12 weeks and agents are always in demand. You can easily keep your current job and be a real estate agent at the same time.
3.) Computer Assistance
With the growing number of people using computers along with the computer industry’s inability to give reasonable customer support at a reasonable price you can benefit. Simply offer telephone and on site assistance to people that have general computer/ software questions. You can get additional certifications through computer software companies and they will refer clients to you from their customer service department. You can also offer you services for assembly of new systems and equipment and use local retail computer stores as referral services.
4.) Photography
Arizona Landscapes are beautiful. Print Your Own Posters with Retail Promotions of AZDo you enjoy taking pictures and are good at it? A business in Photography could be for you. Whether taking baby pictures, wedding photos, product pictures, or nature, you can turn this interest into money. Expansion will allow for a new studio, better equipment and more
Marketing to land larger accounts..

5.) Painting  

There are people who have the patience and skill to paint on their own. But many more people do not have the time or ability to do a professional job. Painting companies are always in high demand. All you need to start is paint, brushes, rollers, tape and you can rent a air pressure sprayer for the big jobs. When you get larger you can lease equipment and additional vehicles. You can also branch out into more service areas to get additional business. 
6.) Interior Design   
Are you one of those people with a great eye for decorating. Put your skills to the test as an Interior Designer. Help the home owner with the purchasing of furniture and fixtures and contracting painting and other services for them. You do not need an expensive degree, just do a few homes so you can have an impressive catalog and go out and get clients. Purchase your own building and use it as a showroom and charge any company featured a hefty advertising fee. You can also use your own home as a show home, as a tax write off, thus increasing the value of your own home.
7.)  Occasion Planner
If you have ever been married or had a large party, you can be a Special Occasion Planner. Help clients with booking the entertainment, all the way to photos and food. Do a good job and you will have clients coming to you. Start up costs are low as you are using other companies marketing materials and you can write off just about everything you do.
8.) Multi Level Marketing                                                                                                                                
Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is one of this countries longest standing methods for starting your own business. It is easily done by making sales of products to people and conversely helping them offer the same products to others. By doing this you create a down line of consumers and have a great opportunity to make money. All of these companies offer low costs to get started and you can write off the same expenses as a business owner. There are thousands of MLM companies in this country, but I have only listed the ten that I feel give you the best chance for successes.
9.) Translation Services  
If you can speak, read and write a different language then you are in huge demand. Offer to change current companies web sites, catalogs, letters, etc. into a different language. Because our economy is getting more global everyday, you will have no problem charging up to $75/ hour for your services. Get a few foreign language teachers on staff and develop a global media translation powerhouse. You can also sit at meetings or take calls as a third party translator for large fees. 
10.) E-based Business  
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Live the new American dream. Find a product/ service and offer it to the 1.4 billion internet users in the world, without leaving the comfort of your home. But, for every good e based business opportunity there are 1000’s of people who are not even close to reputable, thus taking people’s money. I have been approached by hundreds of e based businesses in my life and have only found a few that I would use. Ebay and Craigslist are good one’s for selling.
11.) Musician/ Artist 
If you are a rare person who has artistic ability, then you are truly in demand. Just schedule a few live performances/ exhibits a few times for practice at the business end of your craft, then go out and sell your art or schedule gigs for cash. Every local area has art shows where you can make contacts and you are now a Professional Artist. If your talent is ethnic than find local events and publications to exploit your target market.

12.) Fortune Teller/ Tarot Cards 

Are you a person that believes that the stars and planets make certain days better than others. You are not alone. The horoscope section of your local newspaper is the most expensive section to advertise in, because it is the most highly read of all newspaper sections. There are a variety of ways to tell the future, or offer insight. You can have clients visit you or go to them. If you are really good you can probably charge by the month and deliver horoscopes and or other predictions by email or a phone call on a daily basis. You can expand by finding more and more clients.

13.) Modeling Agency 
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Do you like being around beautiful people? We have a business for you. Set up a commission deal with a couple local photographers and help start up models set up a professional portfolio along with brokering their services to local malls, catalogs and events. You will get paid on their portfolio and they will be happy to pay you up to 25% commissions for your service.
14.) Freelance Delivery Service
This is a great business in any area. Go to a variety of local businesses that use courier services/ same day delivery services and offer to do their local pick up and deliveries at a charge. Many of these companies are contracted by Automotive garages, attorneys and even retail stores to deliver goods that are too big for the customer to take home themselves. You can also get a inexpensive license that allows you to transport medical supplies for hospitals. Even pizza places will need you from time to time when their drivers call in sick. 
15.) Security Service                                                                                                                                                            
If you can get together with local law enforcement and events that are happening in your community and/or know a few celebrities, you can be a security service business owner. People pay big money for both corporate and personal security. Make sure you have a crystal clean record as well as your employees. A majority of companies would rather hire from the private sector, because of the extreme exposure a company has if their employee was hurt or hurt someone else in the form of a lawsuit. Get bonded and make a ton of money. All of your employees can be 10XX so expansion is as easy as it comes.
Thanks RPM for the resources